TV Editor Credits

Food Fortunes [Food Network]: episodes 104, 105, 106  (Feb. 15'- April 15')

Paw Star Games [Hallmark] - Kittens playing baseball rivaling the All Star game. (Jan. 15' - Feb. 15')

Kitten Bowl 2 [Hallmark] - A 3-hour long episode during the Super Bowl. Kittens match head-to-head. (Aug. 14 - Dec '14)


Current Project: On-air promo for the first episode of the new Food Network series, Food Fortunes, premiering Monday, March 9th at 10pm.

Assistant Editorial Tevevision Credits

Extreme Weight Loss S5 [ABC] - season five and successor of Biggest Loser. Reality TV. (2014)   

Remote Survival [NATGEO] - survive a remote location with two-way radio communication. Reality TV. (2014)

Pilot: When Two A-Holes Walk Into a Bar [AMC] - bar renovation reality TV show. (2014) 

Funniest Wins [TBS] - game show between comedians. Reality TV. (2014) 

King of the Nerds [TBS] - a reoccurring and successful series of nerds in a mansion battling for their geek crowns -- reality TV. Assistant editor for 8 episodes (2013) 

Car Lot Rescue [SPIKE] - renovating car dealerships, reality tv show. Assistant editor for 8 episodes.

Jennie Garth [Oxygen] - a series and update of the life of Jennie Garth, reality TV. Assistant editor for 8 episodes.

Longest.Date.Ever. [Pilot] - pending pilot: date-matching show. Assistant editor.

Last Shot with Judge Gunn [syndication] - a courtroom drama; junior editor for 5 EPs (2013); assistant editor for 70 Eps (2013)

Funniest Wins

Film Editorial Credits

Inheritance (2014) - a film directed by Rick LaLonde. Pending release. Film editor and trailer editor.


Pending Update... 3.12.15

Indie/Documentary Editorial Credits

Reality LA (2013) - a church organization in west hollywood, individual stories of members and their faith. Editor.

Shining Light (2014) - a prison organization that travels on the east coast. I've spent the month of June 15' in several facilities, some maximum security; documenting the team's effect on their audience as they learn more about life in prison.

Cinematography Credits

Kitten Bowl Season 2 [Hallmark Channel] - Super-slowmo Operator (240fps) & Reality Operator

Paw Star Games Season 1 [Hallmark Channel] -  Super-slowmo Operator (240fps) & Reality Operator

When Two A-Holes Walk into a Bar [AMC] - Reality Operator

The Invaders [BBC] - Behind the Scenes/Reality Operator

News Coverage [NY Times] - Reality Operator

Colorist/Online Credits


Mia's Story [documentary] - a project for Reality LA

Christa's Story [documentary] - another project for Reality LA


Emmy Award Winning Editor - while working on the television series, Last Shot with Judge Gunn (2013)

Apple FCP Certification - certified by Apple with teaching credentials in 200 

Education & Skills


AVID Proficiency - lead assistant editor in the last 4 continuous years - logged thousands of hours, very familiar with interface

AVID ISIS Utility & Management - worked with large unity databases and managed across several television series

FCP & Resolve

Trained by Co-Creator of FCP -  trained personally by the co-creator of Final Cut Pro in 2007

Davinici Resolve Grading - colored several documentary shorts


Sponsored: Sorenson Squeeze - industry leading video compression

Sponsored: SmallHD - awarded equipment by SmallHD, a professional field monitor company for cinematography